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4 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Windows.

High quality and well maintained windows could last for few decades. However, there are types and brands that age faster than others. If your windows are more than a few decades old they might show signs that its time to replace them. If there are any signs, most probably you have noticed them during the winter. Now that spring is here and so is the warm weather its time to replace your problematic windows to a new, energy-efficiency ones.

Here are few signs that it's time to replace your windows: ️

1. Draft- If you feel a cold draft coming from or around your windows it means that the seals are gone and you are loosing energy through your windows. Therefore, your utility bills will be higher.

2. Leakage- If you experience any leakage from your window most likely you have a crack. Water leakage might cause lots of damage to the walls, insulation and may cause mold.

3. Snow or water builds up in between the panes- Means that your seals are broken. Which might cause a crack in your glass.

4. Condensation in between the panes - Is a sign that your windows are not air tight anymore. Therefore, not energy efficient.

If you experience one or more of these issues Skyway team is here to help you. We will make sure you choose the right type of window for your house and needs, get high quality windows and professional installation, get affordable prices and stay comfortable and cozy all year long!

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