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Choosing Colors

If you don’t choose to come to Skyway for the installation of your windows or doors, we can still help you find the right item. Below you’ll find the questions you should be asking to find the right item.

First and foremost, don’t ask about the price in the beginning of your conversation. If you make that your first question the sales person can sense you’re looking for a “convenient price” and already knows how to play his/her strategy.

Your first task should be getting company information:

  1. Is the company a window manufacturer or a window contractor/dealer?

  2. How long have they been in business?

  3. What is their history and how do they solve issues?

  4. Ask for referrals in your neighborhood.


If you find this is the company you want to go with, next is learning about their product:

  1. What kind of windows or doors do they provide?

  2. What is the brand of the vinyl? Don’t forget to ask for a cross-section.

  3. Why type of hardware is used within their product? (e.g. glass type, thermo-package speculations, what spacers do they use)


OK, so you find you like the product, how do they perform installation?

  1. Do they retrofit the window or door, or do they go stud-to-stud?

  2. What sort of finish do they use on both the inside and outside of the home?

  3. Do they properly dispose of their garbage?

  4. Do they use employees or do they contract the work out?

  5. Most of all, are they insured?


The process of installation is suitable and you decide this may be your installer. How about a warranty?

  1. Is it transferable or non-transferable?

  2. Is it prorated or non-prorated?

  3. Be sure and ask for a warranty certificate and read its terms and conditions with a magnifying glass.


If you want the best product, these questions should be asked before the price. If you didn’t like the answer to any of the questions, price didn’t matter. However, if you make it this far and you want them for the job, price can now be inquired about.

Here are some rules about pricing and the tricks a sales person can fool you with:

  1. Don’t respond to pressure sales. The price today will be the same tomorrow, they aren’t going anywhere. Remember, you’re the boss here.

  2. Always ask for a written estimate with full details of product and installation.

  3. Finally, is their company financing or do you pay in full?
    Financing charges are always built into the price. E.g. 1-year no interest. This simply isn’t true, there is no such thing as free financing


Has your company passed all of these questions? Great! We wish you the best and hope to see you soon with any more of your windows and door installation needs!

Choosing Windows and Doors

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